The Agency

VNY is a top New York boutique modeling agency founded by agent Lana Winters and entrepreneur Damian Tomczak. They have created a perfect nesting ground for building and managing the world's top supermodels. The agency has an unrivaled reputation and track record for crafting unknown models into household names. Their hands on approach is unique, with longevity and sustainability at the core of each model's career. They pride themselves for discovering diamonds in the rough, then preparing them to collaborate with the world's top brands. With a vast network of connections and firm relationships with clients across the world, it's no surprise that their models can be found climbing the charts of; becoming #1 on Forbes top-earning models list, and appearing in the 2018 Guinness World Records Book as worlds highest annual earning supermodel (Sean O'Pry). VNY is an environment where creativity, business, and family congregate as one.

Our Mission

Over the past 20 years, and for the next 20, VNY Models is focused on maintaining a family style hands on approach to build and manage our models.

We look for models whom we believe have potential for a successful long term career, but more importantly who will be a good fit in the VNY family. VNY sets itself apart from other agencies by refusing to become a factory. We refuse to resort to the production-line ethos that many lesser agencies succumb to in order to make headway in the industry. Taking less models has been a special ingredient in the success of the agency. Building a family environment where the management team truly cares for the models, has proven to be the optimal path to build a sustainable modeling career.By focusing on building sustainable careers, we do not resort to selling out our models to substandard brands for short term monetary gain. We are more than an agency, we are a family focused on developing sustainable careers with support every step of the way.